Introduction of Chinese Language and Culture Institute in Coquitlam 

Chinese Language and Culture Institute in Coquitlam

The Chinese Language and Culture Programs at the Confucius Institute in Coquitlam is a non-governmental and non-profit educational organization supported by South China Normal University. The primary goal of the Chinese Language and Culture Institute is to strengthen multicultural relationships with other countries and promote cultural and educational exchanges as well as to provide support to Chinese language programs

Students and community members may access resources provided by the Coquitlam Chinese Language and Culture Institute to learn about Chinese culture and language by registering in classes and events offered after school, in the evening or on weekends. Programs are taught by local teachers, designed for ages four to adult and are open to anyone interested, for a small fee. Mandarin language, traditional Chinese painting, dance, choir and kung fu instruction are some of the more popular offerings. Annually the Chinese Bridge Public Speaking Contest attracts many participants from around the Lower Mainland wishing to showcase their Mandarin prowess.

In addition to the educational offerings, the Chinese Language and Culture Institute hosts a language proficiency testing center offering Chinese language proficiency tests of the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), YCT the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) and the Business Chinese Test (BCT). These internationally standardized tests offer non-native Chinese speakers' credentials that may open doors to employment, scholarships and studies in Chinese universities as well as other opportunities where speaking a major global language may be advantageous. Chinese language is spoken by a fifth of the world’s population!

School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) is committed to the success of all learners and providing educational opportunities that enrich the lives of students and encourage a perspective of global citizenship. Access to unique programs like those offered by the Chinese Language and Culture Institute and Coquitlam International Education are invaluable in expanding and diversifying the worldviews of students and community members.



学生和社区居民可通过高贵林中国语言文化学院提供的课程和活动获得有关中国文化和中文的学习资源。相关课程由本土教师授课,提供适合不同年龄段学习者 (4岁至成年人)的课程,费用低廉。其中,中文、中国画、舞蹈、合唱和功夫等为广受欢迎之课程。中国语言文化学院举办的年度“汉语桥”中文演讲比赛吸引了低陆平原地区广大的中文学习者参与, 展示其中文才华。

除了提供教育项目之外,中国语言文化学院还拥有汉语水平考试中心,提供汉语水平考试(HSK),青少年汉语考试(YCT)和商务汉语考试(BCT)。 上述国际标准化考试为中文非母语学习者提供语言水平证书,助力其就业、奖学金申请、前往中国大专院校学习深造。学会一门世界上的主要语言会为您带来的无限机会。 世界上约有五分之一的人口讲中文!中国语言文化学院大力支持高贵林学区的中英双语项目和中文作为外语的项目,并提供一定的资金。另外还为中文课程提供学校用品、图书、老师培训以及教育交流访问团。


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