Introduction of Chinese Language and Culture Institute in Coquitlam 

Confucius Institute in Coquitlam

The Confucius Institute is a non-profit educational organization that was created by China’s Hanban, the Office of Chinese Language Council International, and is a part of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The primary goal of the Confucius Institute is to strengthen multicultural relationships with other countries and promote cultural and educational exchanges as well as to provide support to Chinese language programs. There are over 500 Confucius Institutes around the globe in over 100 countries on six continents. Coquitlam’s Confucius Institute promotes language and culture in much the same way as Portugal's Instituto Camões, Brazil's Centro Cultural Brasileiro, Britain's British Council, France's Alliance Française, Italy's Società Dante Alighieri, Spain's Instituto Cervantes and Germany's Goethe-Institute.

Students and community members may access resources provided by the Coquitlam Confucius Institute to learn about Chinese culture and language by registering in classes and events offered after school, in the evening or on weekends. Programs are taught by local teachers, designed for ages four to adult and are open to anyone interested, for a small fee. Mandarin language, traditional Chinese painting, dance, choir and kung fu instruction are some of the more popular offerings. Annually the Chinese Bridge Public Speaking Contest attracts many participants from around the Lower Mainland wishing to showcase their Mandarin prowess.

In addition to the educational offerings, the Confucius Institute hosts a language proficiency testing center offering Chinese language proficiency tests of the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), YCT the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) and the Business Chinese Test (BCT). These internationally standardized tests offer non-native Chinese speakers credentials that may open doors to employment, scholarships and studies in Chinese universities as well as other opportunities where speaking a major global language may be advantageous. Chinese language is spoken by a fifth of the world’s population! The Confucius Institute in Coquitlam has provided grant monies to support the Mandarin bilingual program and secondary school Mandarin language program. It also provides support in the form of school supplies, books, professional development and exchange trips.

School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) is committed to the success of all learners and providing educational opportunities that enrich the lives of students and encourage a perspective of global citizenship. Access to unique programs like those offered by the Confucius Institute and Coquitlam International Education are invaluable in expanding and diversifying the worldviews of students and community members.

孔子学院是中国教育部汉办(国家汉语国际推广领导小组办公室)创办的非盈利性教育机构,旨在加强与其他国家的多元文化关系,促进文化和教育交流,支持中文项目。全球六大洲一百多个国家设立了五百多间孔子学院。与葡萄牙卡蒙斯学院、巴西文化中心、 英国文化协会、法国法语联盟、意大利但丁协会、西班牙塞万提斯学院和德国歌德学院相若,高贵林孔子学院致力于语言和文化活动。




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