Traditional Kung Fu Course 传统中国功夫课程

G6Confucius Institute in Coquitlam, associated with Marquis Lung Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, is now providing traditional Kung Fu course.
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Children’s Choir 少儿合唱班

Children's Choir is known as ‘the sound of Heaven’ because of its unique artistic charm, pure, and elegance. Modern children's choir is an important part of education.

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Adult Dance Class 成人舞蹈班

youthConfucius Institute in Coquitlam, associated with JinFeng Dancing Group is now providing an adult dance class to all parents. Classic Dancing, Boardroom Dancing, Ethnic Dancing, Modern Dancing will be introduced.
高贵林孔子学院联合金枫歌舞团,推出成人舞蹈班。包括民族舞, 交谊舞 (欢迎夫妇一起参加), 健身舞等.

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Chinese Painting 少儿国画班

adultChinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. It can be traced to as far back as 6000 years ago. The most popularly known form of Chinese painting is “Water-ink” painting, where water-ink is the medium. We will learn how to paint Bamboo, flowers, birds, fish, and the Chinese writings for paintings.
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VISM ARTS - Children Speech Arts 少儿口才与表演班

youthBased on Mandarin pronunciation and breath training, mainly focus on verbal memory skills, organizational ability. The purpose is to make students face the public, dare to show and express themselves.
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Computer Programming & Design & Robotics Program

youthWe offer Junior, Intermediate/Advanced Coding, Design, Digital Media and AP Computer Science and Robotics classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at Winslow Campus. New Classes open on Saturday at Scott Creek.

Do you want to create games to share with your friends, design your own webpage for your story? How about apps for your Android phone or IOS? Learn to code by mastering a new challenge each week. Your project may be the start of something BIG!

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创意天地:Creative Drawing & Making

youthThrough the program students will become more confident in drawing what they see and creatively expressing what they feel. Students will be shown various techniques in working with various mediums such as water colour, acrylics, wood, paper origami, cardboard and so on, so that the students can eventually work with their hands in creating their own project that represents their inner creative thoughts.


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