HSK 汉语考试

HSK(Chinese Proficiency Test) Preparatory Course

In 2011, Hanban officially appointed School District No 43, Coquitlam Confucius Classroom as the official test centre for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK, Chinese Proficiency Test) in British Columbia, Canada.
高贵林教育局孔子课堂已成功取得了承办新汉语水平考试 (HSK)的资格,并从2011年起成为汉办指定的HSK考点。

Test Registration

Registration for HSK is now accepted. For more information of the registration and schedule, please click here.
即日起,HSK考试开始接受报名, 报名详情如考试时间表及报名截止日期,请按这里


Test Level

Test Time

Test Level

Test Time

Test Level

Test Time

Listening and Reading Test:

Level 1
(fee $20)


Level 2
(fee $30)


Level 3
(fee $40)


Level 4
(fee $50)


Level 5
(fee $60)


Level 6
(fee $70)


Speaking Test:   

(fee $20)


(fee $30)


(fee $40)






HSK Preparatory Course Registration

In order to help students well prepared for the test, registration for HSK preparatory course is now accepted. To register, please click here.


HSK   Q & A   问题解答

::What is HSK? 什么是新汉语水平考试 (HSK)?

:: Objectives of HSK test. 为什么要参加HSK考试?
::What Level should I take? 我应该参加哪个级别的考试?
::HSK Vocabulary Requirement HSK词汇量要求
::Location of Test & Registration 考试及报名地点
::How to register the Test? 报名方法
::Testing Fee 报名费
::On the Test Date 注意事项
::Test result / Certificate pick up 成绩及证书领取

What is HSK? 什么是新汉语水平考试 (HSK)?

The new HSK is an international standardized exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency. It assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives. The new HSK consists of a writing test and a speaking test, which are independent of each other. There are six levels of writing tests (level 1 – 6) and three levels of speaking tests (beginner; intermediate and advanced level). During the speaking test, test takers’ speeches will be recorded.

Objectives of HSK test. 为什么要参加HSK考试?

::Can be a reference for higher educational institutions to recruit students, classify students, exempt students from some courses and grant credits.
::Can be a reference for employers to employ, train and promote employees;
::Can be a reference for Chinese learners to understand and improve their ability to apply Chinese;
::Can be a reference for related Chinese teaching institutions or training organizations to evaluate teaching standards and the effectiveness of their training.

What Level should I take? 我应该参加哪个级别的考试?

HSK consists of 6 levels and candidate may pick the test level according to their Chinese language proficiency.

HSK Vocabulary Requirement HSK词汇量要求

(Number of Words)
1级 150
2级 300
3级 600
4级 1200
5级 2500
6级 5000+

For more information, please click here.
如需更多资料,请 按这里.

Location of Test 考试地点

School District 43 (Coquitlam) International Educations, 1100 Winslow Ave., Coquitlam, BC

How to register the Test? 报名方法

Online registration: Please click here to register and follow the instructions.
网上报名: 按这里 报名考试。

Testing Fee 报名费

一级 (Level 1) : CAD$20
二级 (Level 2) : CAD$30
三级 (Level 3) : CAD$40
四级 (Level 4) : CAD$50
五级 (Level 4) : CAD$60
六级 (Level 4) : CAD$70

口试费用 Speaking Test Fees
初级 (Beginner Level): CAD$20
中级 (Intermediate Level): CAD$30
高级 (Advanced Level): CAD$40


On the Test Date 注意事项

1) Candidates should be arrived the test centre at least 10 minutes before the test begin.
2) Test regulation: Please click here to see the test regulation.

Test result / Certificate pick up 成绩及证书领取

Please click http://www.chinesetesting.cn to check your score. Your test result will be available online 30 days after the test date. The certificate will be available for pick up:
Date and Time: TBA.
Location: School District 43 (Coquitlam) International Educations, 1100 Winslow Avenue, Coquitlam, BC
如需查看考试成绩和证书情况,请访问 http://www.chinesetesting.cn。 考试成绩将于考试结束三十天后在网上公布。 证书可于以下时间到以下地点领取:
日期和时间: 待定
地点: SD43 International Education, 1100 Winslow Ave., Coquitlam, BC

For more information, please contact 604-716-5118/ 604-937-6403 or e-mail CICoquitlam@gmail.com
如需更多信息,请致电604-716-5118/ 604-937-6403或发电邮至:CICoquitlam@gmail.com


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