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Why Study in Coquitlam?

1) Consistently rated by British Columbia Ministry of Education as one of the best districts in the province
2) New "state-of-the-art" schools with the latest equipment and technology
3) Safe and affluent community
4) Situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Fraser River in scenic natural surroundings - close to Vancouver and Whistler
5) Tradition of over 55 years of academic excellence and scholarship
6) Largest International Education Program in Canada
7) Third largest school district in BC with 30,000 students in 66 schools
8) Eight secondary schools: Dr. Charles Best, Gleneagle, Port Moody, Riverside, Terry Fox, Centennial, Heritage Woods and Pinetree
9) Wide variety of academic and career programs as well as ESL for students in grades Kindergarten to 5 (elementary), grades 6 to 8 (middle) and grades 9 to 12 (secondary)
10) History of academic excellence and scholarship
11) Secondary school graduation certificate recognized by all Canadian and US universities
12) ESL - trained teachers provide support to international students
13) Located close to Simon Fraser University, Douglas College and the University of British Columbia
14) Excellent homestay, athletic and outdoor opportunities available