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Study Permit

More than 130,000 students come to Canada to study every year. Foreign students bring a rich culture to our classrooms as well as knowledge and skills that are welcome in our schools.

The provinces regulate education and schools in Canada. A Study Permit is not required for a course or program in Canada with a duration of six months or less. More information on study permits can be found on the following link:






and the application form (IMM 1294 - for those who are outside Canada) can be downloaded from the following link:

Study Permit Re-Application Process

For general information about how to extend your stay in Canada as a student, please visit the following web page:

Below is our Step-By-Step guide:

1. Obtain a Canadian bank account statement within the week you are paying to extend your permit.

2. Obtain a CIC re-application package and a pink receipt form from the International Education office or download the form from the following link:

3. Please take the pink receipt form to any bank and pay the application fee for the permits (Study Permit - $125 each, Visitor Permit - $75 each). Add up the family total and write it in all three boxes. Write the primary applicant's information on the back of the receipt.

4. Gather all necessary documents on the study permit re-application checklist (IMM 5555) and send the package by mail to Citizenship and Immigration Canada in Vegreville, Alberta.

5. After the new study permit arrives, you must bring it into the International Education Office to extend your medical coverage