Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

1. Q. When are schools open in Coquitlam?
The public schools of Coquitlam are open from September to June. Our schools are closed for one week in the Spring (Spring Break), two weeks in the winter (Christmas Break) and the two months of July and August (Summer Break).

2. Q. Do I need to speak fluent English to attend school in Coquitlam?
No, Coquitlam International students are not required to be fluent in English, however some understanding of the language will make your transition to Canada easier. ESL support for international students is provided.

3. Q. Where will I live?
Students who want to be placed in a home will be referred to a "homestay" service that has screened homes in the Coquitlam area.

4. Q. What school will I attend?
The International Student Program Office will choose the school you attend based on the information you send us and the space in each school. It is in your best interest to apply as soon as possible to ensure that we will have a school for you.

5. Q. How do I obtain a student visa?
Visa are issued by Canada Citizen and Immigration, Canadian Embassy or Consulate. Student visas must be applied for outside of Canada. A visitor's visa allows an individual to study for 6 months only.

6. Q. How long is the program?
The program is for as long as you would like up to the age of 19. Must students come for two to three years but some come for one year.

7. Q. Can I receive a British Columbia Secondary school diploma?
Yes, student will receive a British Columbia Dogwood Certificate if they meet all secondary school graduation requirements.

8. Q. Will I be covered by medical insurance?
Yes, part of the program fee includes the cost of medical insurance. This will insure you for trips to the doctor and any hospital coverage. It will not cover you for dental work unless the work needed to be done is the result of an accident since you have been in Coquitlam.

9. Q. If I stay for the summer can I continue to receive medical coverage?
Yes, The Coquitlam International Student Program requires you to make a written request at least eight weeks before your intended departure on your intent to stay. If all documents are filled out in a timely manner medical coverage will continue.

10. Q. What is the weather like in Coquitlam?
The lower mainland of British Columbia, including Coquitlam, has some of the best weather in Canada. Coquitlam is a very temperate community. Summer, spring and fall tend to be warm ( 18 C-30 C) and November-February colder (15 C- 5 C). We Also enjoy an occasional snowfall during these months.

11. Q. How do I apply?
To apply for the long term program, fill out registration form, submit registration fee of $200 and submit current year and past two years of notarized and translated report cards.

12. Q. When can I arrive?
If you are planning to begin your studies in September you should arrive at least one week before school starts to get settled in to your “home stay’ and get organized. Your school may want you to attend an orientation session before the start of classes. If you are starting your studies in the second semester you should be prepared to arrive in late January.

13. Q. Who will meet me at the airport?
You will be met at the airport by your home stay family or your agent.

14. Q. Are school books and supplies provided?
Textbooks are provided by the school, however, some materials and activities fees may be charged by your school. Students supply their own pens and papers.

15. Q. What should I bring with me?
In addition to personal supplies and clothes students may want to bring mementos from home (pictures, flag etc.) to show where they are from.

16. Q. Can my family comes to visit me while I study in Coquitlam?
Yes. We encourage parents to come for a visit. It is advised, however, that parents wait at least two months to allow their student to adjust to their new surroundings. Families are expected to arrange for their own accommodations.

17. Q. Can I Travel while in Coquitlam?
Yes. Students are able to travel within Canada on school holidays, provided that their health insurance covers travel. Travel to the USA requires a passport and additional travel insurance.

18. Q. Is transportation provided to and from school?
It depends on where you attend school and how far away you live from school. Students who are eligible for transportation are picked up in the morning and dropped off after school by school buses. Several students travel to and from school using the public transportation system (student is responsible for the cost), while others who live close to their school quite often walk.

19. Q. Are there recreational opportunities available for students?
Yes. In addition to the many opportunities in music, theatre, dance, clubs and athletics there are nine community centres in the Coquitlam area that offer numerous programs. These centres offer indoor aquatic programs, skating, hockey, waterslide, gymnastics, table tennis, arcade games, movies, cooking, painting, ESL fun, creative writing, book club, kickboxing, karate, dance, yoga, weight training, badminton, basketball, soccer and open gym.

20. Q. Is driving permitted?
If a student is able to obtain a provincial driver’s license, at their own cost and with parent permission, they may apply to register their car with their school. All school rules apply if they want to take their car to school or to school events.

21. Q. Can I attend a Canadian university/college upon graduation?
Yes, if you have high enough grades to meet entrance requirements. International students who have been registered in our program for at least four years will not have to write the TOEFL examination to be considered for entrance into a B.C. college or university.