Our Programs

Many programs are available for International Students throughout the school year. Full year programs for 10 months with students integrated into regular Canadian classrooms are offered for as short as 1 week at a time. We offer a Summer ESL/Culture Program during July and August with half day morning classroom time and afternoon cultural activities to implement their newly acquired English skills. English 9,10 or 11 Preparation classes are also offered during the summer. 4-week Short term Intensive ESL courses are offered from September to June for Elementary, Middle and Secondary students.

The provincial curriculum consists of a challenging core of courses: English, social studies, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, fine arts, and career and technology studies. In addition, students may select from a number of electives to create a unique program that meets the requirements of the educational system of the province of British Columbia. Students who graduate from grade 12 in Coquitlam's public school system are qualified to apply to all univer- sities, colleges and institutes in Canada and elsewhere. International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Programs are in place for more academically capable students.

Advanced, university level subjects are common; students receive credit for exceptional performance in these subjects that can be applied towards entry into post-secondary institutions worldwide. International students have the advantage of graduating from a leading Canadian school system while gaining fluency in English, a skill that has practical applica- tions worldwide.